The Women Behind The Hope Council

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Founder ~ Ruhi Aka Rohini Hak

Ruhi Aka Rohini Hak is the founder of HOPE B~ LIT (Holistic Opportunities and Purpose Of Education Be Lit) a non-profit organization, that aims to provide a comprehensive platform for children to nourish their inherent human values via value-based workshops and improve their quality of life.

HOPE B~ LIT envisions to create a peaceful, purposeful and loving world by nurturing the values of love, peace, truth, non-violence and righteousness which are present at the core of our being.

From the start days of HOPE B~ LIT, Ruhi was instrumental in designing and implementation of programs that are aimed to provide holistic care to children. Equipped with a certification in Human values she began conducting workshops in small groups and later got invited to do workshops at UTLA teacher conferences. She has successfully conducted over 3000 workshops in varied subjects for children and parents in USA, India , Africa and other parts of the world.

Under her leadership HOPE B~ LIT expanded its reach to continents like Asia, Africa,North America etc and added volunteers to support its on the ground initiatives.

Her experience includes program design, resource mobilisation, monitoring and evaluation, administration, budget management and leadership of large-scale development programmes. Additionally, she brings unique experience from the private sector in technology and management—delivering results with a strong focus on transparency and accountability.

Ruhi has spearheaded additional programs under the umbrella of ‘HOPE BEYOND BORDERS’ that provide holistic care for children in Education, and with the Oral wing “ Wish upon a smile’, Oral care & Hygiene and recently launched a media awareness wing – Voices Unheard, to bring children’s voices to the forefront globally with features and shorts.

Ruhi is a IT Telecom Infra-Structure Engineer on VOIP systems , holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration, majoring in International business strategy, from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia and is certified in Education in Human Values from

ISSE-USA at UC Santa Barbara . But in her words “most of her profound learning has come from the children that have crossed her path in this life”. Am most thankful for the opportunity to learn from them, “How to live with an unconditioned mind and an open heart has been their


Co-Founder ~ Keely Cat Wells 

The Hope Council is a way to get stories heard, a way to heal the people behind them and give hope to the people watching. This project is very close to my heart. I feel very strongly that everyone should have a chance to be heard and seen. That the only obstacles they should face are the usual discrepancies life throws at us. Being a certain ethnicity, a certain weight, having a disability or having experienced trauma should not be a limitation but just a story they have to tell, an extra driving force. It should certainly not be a problem for the industry, being different is the new ‘normal’. There are enough challenges in life as there is, being YOURSELF or having gone through something, should not be another. The Hope Council brings a special twist to the film industry, it’s driven by honesty, positivity and pure love.

Keely is an Actress and Business owner, she uses her unique passion, training, experience and insight to transform every character she plays, but also… to help other talent pursue their dreams. As well as acting Keely has worked as an agent for many years at a well known London based agency. Keely has gone on to set up and run a Talent Agency in London (CC Associates) and a Talent Management Company in Hollywood (C Talent).

Keely faced many years of health problems and years in and out of hospitals, multiple surgeries, resulting in life changing circumstances. This has not stopped Keely in any way, only driven her and made her want to help and inspire others who face similar experiences. Keely is a very proud Disability Advocate and an Ambassador of the #AllIn and #Inclusion moment.

Keely believes working hard, very VERY hard, doing what others won’t, thinking outside the box and that most importantly being prepared and positive. Keely believes that is what will get you to where you want to be. No matter what adversity you may face anything is possible if you’re determined.

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